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Patient Participation Report March 2015

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Patient Participation Report March 2014

Description of the profile of the members of the Patient Reference Group (PRG)

The PRG consists of 10 members, who are all registered patients of the practice. There are 8 males and 2 females and the age range is from 55 to 76. 8 members are White British, 1 is Asian British and 1 is Chinese British.

Steps taken to ensure that the PRG is representative of the patient population

Practice Population as of 17th February 2014 was 2743. The sex distribution is 1,385 (50.5%) male vs. 1,358 (49.5%) female.

There are 2238 patients over the age of 20 in the practice, of these: 22% are less than 35 years old, 62% are within the 35-70 age cohort and 16% are more than 70years old.

The Patient Reference Group consists solely of registered patients of Ashingdon Medical Centre. We have had nine PRG meetings at the Practice and the minutes of these are circulated to the PRG members and their comments requested. In addition we have arranged virtual meetings and email communications to members who have been unable to attend.

We also proactively try to obtain feedback from disabled patients and patients with learning disabilities to improve the quality of service provision. In this respect the Practice offers a comprehensive annual health checks and uses this as an opportunity to gauge the opinion of this group of patients.
The PRG regularly reviews patient feedback in the comment book and our rating on the NHS Choices website.

Steps taken to determine and reach agreement on the issues which had priority, which were included in the local practice survey


The survey was discussed at the patient participation forum on 12th December 2013. It was decided that the questions regarding online access to appointments and prescriptions be added and the questionnaire be distributed to all patients who attend the surgery in a given week. The PRG felt that will be good to keep the results from this year’s survey and compare them with next years.

Manner in which the views of registered patients were obtained


The survey commenced on 1st November 2013 and the aim was to gather 50 completed questionnaires, which equates to 1% of the practice population. A total of 52 questionnaires were received by end of the completion date which were analysed by the practice staff, based on the preference of the PRG.

Steps taken to provide an opportunity for the PRG to discuss the findings of the survey and contents of the action plan


The analysis of results was presented in the practice clinical meeting on 10th January and the PRG meeting on 05th February 2014. A summary of the findings and proposed action points were circulated to the members of PRG in advance of the meeting to ensure that the PRG had sufficient time to go through the information and suggest action points. During the meeting the PRG felt that the survey provided an accurate summary of the patient satisfaction and discussed implementation of the action points to ensure that the practice continues to develop for the future.

Details of the action plan setting out how the findings or proposals arising out of the local practice survey can be implemented and, if appropriate, reasons why any such findings or proposals should not be implemented


  • Offer online booking of the extended hours surgeries, initially on a trial basis, with a view to expand the service based on uptake.
  • Offer repeat prescriptions on-line.
  • Expand the online services so that a proportion of appointments are released for on-line booking
  • Offer more information both within the surgery and on the website.
  • Consider offering the survey in an online format as well as the traditional paper format from next year to incorporate the views of the relatively well patient population at work whose views may not be reflected at present.

A summary of the evidence including any statistical evidence relating to the findings or basis of proposals arising out of the local practice survey


Summary of findings:

Background information

Two thirds of the returned questionnaires were from females. Roughly a quarter of the population who handed in the completed questionnaire were under 35, half were between the ages of 35 – 74 and quarter were above 75. All the participants described themselves as being in the “White” ethnic group.

Access to surgery

Not even one patient mentioned that they had some difficulty in moving around the surgery. Slightly more than 30% patients visit the surgery 6 or more times per year. 95% found the opening times convenient for themselves.

Practice matters

Nearly 90% of the patients can get through via telephone within a satisfactory time on all or most occasions. 90% found receptionists as helpful as they think they should be. 78% patients were able to book an urgent appointment whenever they needed one. 86% felt that they were given adequate time during the consultation.

About your doctor

95% felt that the doctors listened to them, no matter how busy they were on all or most occasions. 95% felt they were treated with dignity and respect and 93% felt that they were treated as they thought they should have been, during physical examination. Nearly 82% felt that the doctor gave enough information and 92% felt that matters were explained in an easy to understand manner.

82% felt that the doctor knew about their medical history on all or most occasions.

Details of the action taken as a consequence of discussions with the PRG in respect of the results, findings and proposals arising out of the local practice survey


  • Offer patients online access to appointments.
  • Promote the repeat prescription service in surgery and through the website.
  • Offer more information in surgery as well as website since it seems patients are not aware of all services offered: Extended hours, minor surgery and joint injections, home visits
  • Do a monthly newsletter to be available in reception.

Opening hours of the practice premises and the method of obtaining access to services throughout the core hours

Opening hours of the practice are from 8am to 7.00pm on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and 8am to 6.30pm on Wednesdays. The telephones lines open at 8am.

Patients are encouraged to request home visits before noon.

The times at which individual healthcare professionals are accessible to registered patients under the extended hours access scheme

The practice has signed up for the extended hours access scheme which provide GP appointments from 6.30pm to 7.00pm on Tuesdays & Fridays.

The findings of the survey have been actively advertised in the surgery.

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